Exposed: The secrets behind getting government contracts and getting your foot in the door and start building a successful business


Positioning Your Business for Government Contracting

Meet The Customer With A Billion Dollars To Spend

Attention: Micro Businesses, Small Businesses, Solo-preneurs and Entrepreneurs 

If you are a small business owner overwhelmed by low and sketchy cash flow, then let me show you how to turn things around in your business.

Join me,  Strategic Coach Brillionairess Pam Knight™ , MarilynThorpe, and other small business owners for the Government Accelerator Intensive™, Thursday, November 15, 2012. You’ll walk away with all the SECRETS you need to start tapping into the billion dollar government market, identify which agencies to target, how to get your foot in the door and increase your revenue by Working with BIG Business.


From: Brillionairess Pam Brillionairess Pam

To Bold Entrepreneurs,

 Are you a go-getter minded entrepreneur who:

Is ready to finally take your small or solopreneur business into SIX FIGURES and beyond?

  • Discover which services are a good match for the government market?
  • Identify the best “get your foot in the door” strategies for your business
  • Elevate your branding and  to appeal to Government and Corporations
  • Keep government clients happy so they buy from you again and again

If you answered “yes” to one or all of these questions, then you don’t want to miss the Government Accelerator Intensive™, where I will give you the play-by-play to COMPLETELY grow your business!

So here's how to Jump Start Your Contracting Business That Will Grow Your Business And Increase Your Revenue 
Introducing the "Government Accelerator Intensive Boot Camp"

Just think what YOU could accomplish if Brillionairess Pamcoached you? And You’re Earning Multiple Six Figures. If I Can Do It, So Can You! Here’s How …”

If you're focusing on selling your services primarily to individuals, such as other solopreneurs or consumers in general, then you already know reaching that six-figure (or more) goal takes a lot of work. But there is another market that many of today's "conscious" entrepreneurs are overlooking: Government Contracting

The truth is, not only does Government spend BIG Money with small business, but also working with them can be fun and rewarding. I created this Boot Camp with you in mind so small businesses like you can stop "stepping over the dollars to get to the dimes" 

Does any of this resonate with you? If so, you aren’t alone! I can certainly relate – as an entrepreneur, I know firsthand the challenges you face as you start, run, and build your business.

Years ago, I was frustrated with my business.  I kept wondering: “What am I missing? What am I not doing? What am I doing wrong?”
It was at a particular low point that I decided to get serious about getting the answers to my questions.  I wanted answers that would guarantee DRASTIC business growth and I grew my business INTO six figures! AWESOME!

“Avoid Costly Mistakes And Time-Wasting Trial And Error … Get The STEPS You Need For DRASTIC SUCCESS!”

I want you to succeed just as I have, and I want to bypass all the time-wasting mistakes and trial and error I went through, so you reach your business goals bigger, better, and faster than you ever thought possible.
That’s why I created the Government Accelerator Intensive™ Boot Camp to be jam-packed with powerful business building strategies – all to start, run, or grow your business DRASTICALLY.
I will walk you through the steps I have followed in building my business into six figures and show you how to apply these same strategies to your own business.

Here’s just a sample of what you will learn: 

Coach Marilyn Thorpe

  • Create Your Own Marketing Resume - 
  • Develop Your Capability Statement -
  • Defining Your Target -
  • Learn 13 Strategies You Need To Succeed -
  • How To Get Your Foot In The Door -
  • Defining Your Industry -
  • Who Should I Be Talking Too -
  • How Should I Network -

On the day of, you’ll have the opportunity for one of my “hot seat” coaching sessions. This on-the-spot, direct feedback will show you exactly what your next steps need to be to get the immediate results you want in your business. (My private clients pay top-dollar for this kind of one-on-one coaching with me. So this hot seat is worth the ticket price alone!)

“Your Six-Figure Future Awaits! All You Have To Do Is Take This Next Step …”

You have two choices with regards to the Government Accelerator Intensive™Boot Camp, and more importantly, your future: 

1.Choose not to join me and risk staying stagnate.

2.Choose to join bold entrepreneurs and me and move DRASTICALLY forward on your journey to success.
For this reason, I hope you will choose option two, and walk away with powerful game changing mindset.
“But That’s Not All – There’s Also A Free Bonus!”

You’ll get ACCESS to my popular SBEG Private Coaching Program for 15 days. Confidence, after all, will take you that much further, faster in business and in life!

So here's is what you will get when you attend the "Government Accelerator Intensive Boot Camp"

  • One day of setting yourself up to become a government contractor Bootcampworkbook
  • Day two of learning how to write a simple proposal to start winning contracts
  • Learning all the steps needed to grow your business and to play big
  • Putting portfolio together to start bidding and winning government contracts
  • Your own workbook


Know who to contact for getting your foot in the door
Where to look for when you want that money to flow in your business
How to become proficient in being a viable and marketable business
Building relationships and developing teaming agreements so that you can play to win

  • One Day-Intensive Training on Basic Government Contracting Setup
  • Day Two-Intensive Training on Basic Government Proposal Writing to start winning or take Two Days of Intensive Boot Camp Training
  • Take one training or take two days of Intensive Training
  • Your Complete Workbook to help you understand what you will need to do to get your business off the groundbootcampb2




“What Workshop Do You Prefer?”

Yes! I’m Ready to Tap Into The Billion Dollar Government Market

Government Accelerator Intensive

November 28th & 29th

10:00am – 4:00pm

Option 1

Government Accelerator Intensive

One-Day Ticket

How To Do Business With The Government 

Pay in Full $197


Option 2

Government Accelerator Intensive

One-Day Ticket

Proposal Writing Made Simple

Pay in Full $197



Option 3


Government Accelerator Intensive

Two-Day Ticket

Both Workshops

Pay in Full $297




 Questions? Call me at 202-812-4115

I’m truly excited to get this valuable information into your hands so you can TOTALLY TRANSFORM your business.

Are you ready?! See you in November.
Stay BOLD,

Best of Success,

Brillionairess Pam

P.S.- So what are you waiting for? Click on the link to register,bring a friend and tell them to register for this dynamic workshop presented this time for this year only!